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Terms of use

Terms of Use:

What are the fees for using this site?

Moocherz charges a 4% transaction fee to both the renter AND the property owner. These fees cover ALL credit card processing charges and website fees.

What if something is returned broken or damaged?

Renters agree, if they return a rented item broken or damaged, to either pay for repairs or to pay for a new replacement item (to be decided by the property owner). 

The maximum amount that the renter will be required to pay shall not exceed 20 times the nightly rental fee.

If an agreement cannot be amicably reached between the renter and property owner, both agree to submit the details of their dispute to Moocherz for a fair and final settlement as determined by Moocherz.

What does “per night” mean?

All rentals are priced for one full day of use. This could mean that the item is picked up in the morning and then returned that same day in the evening. It could also mean a full 24-hour period if the item is picked up in the evening and then returned in the evening on the following day. Because a 24-hour period will always be “overnight”, the site functions with the “per night” pricing which allows a renter to only be charged for one day of use and still possess the item for a 24-hour period. An item picked up in the morning and then returned on the following day in the evening should be considered two days of use although the website will only charge for one day of use. While the “per night” rental calculation is not always perfect, we ask that the “24-hour” rule be observed as closely as possible. We are using the “per night” calculation so that items can be held for 24-hours allowing for a full day of use. We ask our renter’s to be respectful of this 24-hour rule while also asking our lender’s to be somewhat flexible with pick and return times.

What if an item is not returned on time?

If an item is kept for additional time past the typical 24-hour rental period, the stated nightly rental fee will be charged until the item is returned.

If an item is 14 days or more late, then the renter will be charged the lesser of the full retail replacement value or 20 times the nightly rental price.

Any disputes over whether or when an item was returned shall be decided by Moocherz based on the details provided by the renter and property owner. Both parties agree to abide by the settlement decision made by Moocherz.

Rights of Content

The users themselves retain the right to all text, pictures and other content that they create in the service. The users allow others to utilize the content in accordance with the nature of the service and furthermore allow Moocherz to file information and data and make changes that are necessary for the service, however other rights are not transferred from the users, unless specifically otherwise agreed. The responsibility of the content lies with the user, who has produced it to the service. Moocherz has the right to remove any material when it deems it necessary.


No guarantees of the functioning of the website service are given. The users are themselves responsible for their actions in the service and they should estimate the reliability of other users before dealing with them. Moocherz can under no circumstances be liable for damage that is caused to the user. The user may not store any information or data in the service, and expect it to remain there.

The Removal of a User

Moocherz has the right to remove any users from the site and terminate their right of use of the service without any specific reason and without being liable for compensation.

Applicable Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction that is applicable in this service and these terms of use is that of Utah in the United States.

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