Information about Moocherz

How it works

How it Works:

Earn extra money by renting the things in your garage or basement:

·         Create a free user account

·         Take a picture of your things

·         Add a rental listing and set your price

·         Setup your banking information so you can get paid

·         Respond to rental requests

Rent things you want to use from a neighbor, saving you time and money:

·         Create a free user account

·         Find the things you’d like to rent

·         Proceed to checkout and make payment

·         All payments are processed securely through Stripe

·         Pickup your item and enjoy

·         Return your rental promptly and in great condition

WORRIED ABOUT HAVING YOUR STUFF STOLEN? Take a picture of the renter’s license plate when the item gets picked up.

Have additional liability or waiver forms that a renter must fill out? No problem, just make sure that this is mentioned in the item’s description.

What does “per night” mean? All rentals are priced for one full day of use. This could mean that the item is picked up in the morning and then returned that same day in the evening. It could also mean a full 24-hour period if the item is picked up in the evening and then returned in the evening on the following day. Because a 24-hour period will always be “overnight”, the site functions with the “per night” pricing which allows a renter to only be charged for one day of use and still possess the item for a 24-hour period. An item picked up in the morning and then returned on the following day in the evening should be considered two days of use although the website will only charge for one day of use. While the “per night” rental calculation is not always perfect, we ask that the “24-hour” rule be observed as closely as possible. We are using the “per night” calculation so that items can be held for 24-hours allowing for a full day of use. We ask our renter’s to be respectful of this 24-hour rule while also asking our lender’s to be somewhat flexible with pick and return times.

E-mail us at with any questions.